New Pump Shotgun coming in Fortnite Update v6.31


Well, all the lovers of the Pump shotgun can cheer up, as the Fortnite In-game news feed has announced the arrival of legendary pump shotgun for the game.

The upcoming Pump shotgun will be available in the Legendary and Epic variants

As per the looks and the design, it seems somewhat similar to the Heavy Shotgun

In terms of statistics, no information has been revealed about the gun.

New Pump Shotgun

The upcoming pump shotgun will be included in the Fortnite Update v6.31 which is expected to release on November 27th or November 28th

Earlier this Epic Games Design Lead Eric Williamson has suggested that there will be rebalancing in the Fortnite Shotguns in the update v6.31

Recently released two weapons Dynamite and Mounted Turret could not create much of the buzz. It is expected that Fortnite Pump Shotgun will create some buzz in the community and will be appreciated by everyone

As Epic Games has already required to release two updates for the Mounted Turret weapons, as it faced the backlash from professional players including Tfue which felt that item should be removed immediately


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