New Summit Starter Pack found in Fortnite Update v6.21 data files, Fortnite Season 6


An all new starter pack has been discovered by the data miners in the Fortnite Battle Royale Game. Starter packs are usually released within few days of the patch or update.

While digging deep into the Fortnite Update v6.21 files, the data miners have located the cosmetics and name for a new starter pack. We have listed down all the details entailing this starter pack

The new starter pack has been named as the Summer Striker Starter pack which includes an Epic Skin, the Epic Top Notch, BackBling and 700 V-Bucks

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The official release date for this starter pack has yet not been cleared, the most interesting fact which has been discovered in relation to this starter pack is, it has been found with the name Season 6 Starter Kit (RMT), but the pack has not been released at the start of Fortnite Season 6

Summit Starter Pack

As briefed earlier, starter packs are usually included in the game, within the few days of update or patch. The Ace Starter pack was released after the 4 days of v5.30 update and Battle Royale Starter pack was released 20 days after its addition to game files

The recently founded Summit Starter Pack has been added in the game files 10 days ago

It is still unclear, whether we will see the release of Summit Starter Pack or not


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