New Weapon In Fortnite- Suppressed Assault Rifle Is Coming In Fortnite Update 5.5

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Recently a buzz was spreading about a new weapon in Fortnite in the form of Quad Launcher but its look like we are getting a brand new Suppressed Assault Rifle in place of it. It looks like a silent version of the SCAR-L and it is a perfect silent killer in the game.

 Suppressed Assault Rifle In Fortnite Update 5.5

The announcement was made in the latest in-game update as shown below:

Supressed Assualt Rifle Fortnite

It is probably coming this week in the game with the release of Fortnite update 5.5.

Its description can be read as “silenced weapon that rewards precision aiming”. So, you can expect the deadly power of SCAR-L with a silencer to outnumber the opposition’s squad without their awareness.

Supressed Assualt Rifle

Since it is like SCAR-L then it will only be available in Epic and Legendary rarities. According to the Storm Shield One, its base damage is 32 in Epic and 33 in Legendary rarity.

Concerning about its release date, we would see it in the game after Fortnite update 5.5 which will release on 11th September in the game. The update could be delay for two or more days because of the previous delays.