New Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Features Whole Emotional Moments Of The Anime Series


As the release date of the  Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming more near excitement level of the fans is on increasing more and more. As said earlier the game will be one of the best fighting game in 2018. Bandai Namco releases one more trailer for the game and it is more than enough.

The trailer is in Japanese but It highlights all the emotional moments of the whole  Dragon Ball anime/manga series with a  musical theme. It shows Frieza exploding Krillin which results in the eruption of the Super Saiyan form of Goku first time. The trailer also highlights the Cell Saga, in which son/father Kamehame takes place and then a glimpse of Buu saga is an also in the trailer.

The trailer also takes us to the Dragon Ball Super sagas in which battle between very intense battles between The Beerus and Goku, Golden Freeza VS Goku,  evil Black Goku and Zamasu Vs Goku and Vegeta and The Legendary Assassin Hit VS Goku. Apart from these legendary fights trailer also invoke various emotional scenes from the anime which are worth to watch.

The visuals of the game are very good.  The game is powered by Unreal Engine which is reason behinds its beautiful 2.5D graphics. Everybody is eagerly waiting for the game, it will release for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 26 2018 worldwide and on 1 February 2018 in Japan.


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