Niantic warns trainers ahead of next Pokemon Go update

Pokemon Go update

With next Pokemon Go update around the corner, Niantic Games warned the trainers.

On June 17, Niantic Support tweeted a warning ahead of next Pokemon Go server update that can be read as:

“The next update to our servers could cause you to be logged out of your Pokémon GO or Ingress accounts. Please double-check your login credentials ahead of time to ensure continued access to your account. You can view your login email under the account section in Settings.”

Niantic didn’t reveal the reason behind as they have never done this before. Some players think that it could be further action from Niantic to fight against hackers. Past week, Niantic sued an organisation of hackers called Global++ with an allegation of making a hacked Pokemon Go app called PokeGo++.

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Next Pokemon Go update

This step of logging out the players’ account with the next update could be the Niantic’s next step to protect the game from hackers’ exploitation for unfair means. They may implement a new anti-hacking algorithm in the game which could ban the players currently using the hacked app.

Nothing is confirmed as Niantic has not revealed the reason behind this step. So, double-check your login credentials by login in the game by logging once before the update. If you don’t remember your email address, then you can find under the account settings.

Make sure that you are using the official Pokemon Go app. Niantic still has to release schedule of the next Pokemon Go update.