Nightflyers Trailer – A bone chilling series from George R. R. Martin

Netflix and SyFy bring George R. R. Martin’s NightFlyers to Life!

George R. R. Martin, the creator of Game of Thrones series, became a household name in past 7-8 years. He has given us characters whom we will cherish for an extended period. Characters like Daenerys, John Snow and Tyrion has slowly gown on us, and we wait a whole year to catch their glimpse. However, next year they will be appearing on the screen for the last time, and will undoubtedly leave a space in our hearts. We know that you all fans of George R.R. Martin are worried that where will you get the dose of thrill and detailed characterization. No need to worry as Martin’s one of other creation, NightFlyers is soon coming to Netflix.



NightFlyers teaser trailer was released by Netflix today, and it gave the glimpse of a dark and intense Sci-Fi series that will blow our mind. The series is based on the novella by the same name which came out in the year 1981. The story revolves around the group of researchers who charter on a mysterious spaceship to transport them to the alien spacecraft crossing through the galaxy. The first season will have ten episodes and will be aired coming fall. SyFy channel is developing the content, and as per the recent updates, few of the Game of Thrones actors will be joining the cast.

The teaser opens with intense music accompanied by a narrative which urging ‘ this is a warning, not a distress call do not board the ship.’ The opening sequence itself grabs your attention, and you are somewhat sure to give this creation of Martin a chance. As per George R. R. Martin NightFlyer is the haunted house and Psycho setup in space that will surely offer you a chilling experience. A lot of things are still not clear about the story, and we are sure it will be a hell of the experience to see another great screenplay unfold in front of our eyes.


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