Ninja Fortnite records first player to win 5000 matches on PC


Ninja Blevins who is the face of the Fortnite Battle Royale Game and has helped the game to become popular among the youth with his entertaining streaming and good Fortnite Skills has reached another milestone in his career as the First Player to become the first player to win 5000 matches on PC

Ninja has also appeared on popular chat show “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

Ninja Fortnite in Jimmy Fallon Show

You would be surprised to know that Ninja has an average of one win per 3 games, with a win percentage of 37%

Ninja Fortnite Record

Ninja has the record for most total kills(94,684) across all the platforms and has an impressive K/D ratio 11.11

In another big event, Ninja will be streaming live at the Times Square on New Year Eve, which was announced earlier at TwitchCon

In his yesterday stream only, Ninja along with squad managed to grab 51 kills in a single match, which he has achieved for the first time with his squad.


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