Nitishastra Review, Fantabulous Short Did Justice To The Title

Nitishastra review

Nitishastra Review, Perfectly Justified Short.

Nitishastra is an outstanding short film which stars Taapsee Pannu as a debutant in the digital world and Vicky Arora. Made with the crisp direction of Kapil Verma. A story about justice, ethics and Justice over anything. Taapsee is shown as a self-defence trainer and Vicky as her brother. An undoubtedly another fantastic short under the banner of Barrel Select Large Short Films.

A Glimpse at the story of Nitishastra.

Nitishastra is an awesome short about the relation of a brother and sister, a bond which is held together on the yardstick of love and affection. The short begins with Taapsee (Roshni) and her brother Vicky (Ravi) fighting with each other and then a scene comes where Taapsee is shown sitting in the funeral ceremony of her mother and priest asks her if there is any male member in the family to set fire to the pyre of her mother, maybe a brother or son, a lady from behind tells priest that she has a son but he is on escape for 6 months from the police onto which Taapse promptly replies, ‘No, she doesnt have any son, I will perform the rite’. But then to her astonishment Ravi, her brother comes and gets into the house to relive his memories but anger was clearly visible on Taapsee’s face. While showing him looking at the old pictures of the family, Taapsee throws a wooden chair at him from behind and again both indulge in a severe fight. The movie here drags further telling the story from past that why is it happening. She recalls all the good times, her classes, love shared with her brother and a beautiful family bond. She used to train girls at home and her brother was in a bad company of people, though she warned her mother about the same many a times moms, as usual, tend to pamper their sons and say it’s their age to enjoy.

One day she has sent her brother to drop one of her students, Gauri to her home but her brother denied for he had to go out with friends, but Taapsee asks him to listen to her order for the safety of her student and he agrees. Next morning, she gets a call from Gauri’s mother that Gauri is hospitalized and on reaching hospital she gets to know that she is been brutally raped. All broken and bewildered, before she could think of something Ravi calls her and asks her to forget whatever happened and not to share anything with anyone. While the fight continues and she is on the verge of killing her brother, she recalls a preaching by her mom that it is written in “Bhagavad Gita” when it comes to justice, moral or ethics, relationships don’t matter but that was ‘Satyug’ and things are different this time, one needs to compromise so many things to save relations, may it be ethics or justice. She chose the right path.

Nitishastra review

Nitishastra Review, a short worth watching.

Nitishastra is an immaculate short with no flaws and is a justice to the title. Taapsee like her other films nailed it perfectly. Though it was her debut in the digital world she gave her best and made this short an awestruck piece and yes hats off to Kapil Verma for a great eye opener plot and direction. It gives a fantastic message and a teaching for life also that no matter what happens when it comes to Justice, Morals or Ethics, relationships don’t matter at all. Neither relations nor anything else. It doesn’t at all matters that how close is the bond you share when the person needs to be ethically punished. Wrong is wrong, hundred people doing the same thing doesn’t make it right. Don’t get carried away by the emotions rather think rationally.