Intel announced its first 5G modem (XMM 8160) for smartphones

ntel announced its first 5G modem

We all are using the 4G technology on our smartphones and there is hardly any smartphone with 5G connectivity but the 5G is future. The intel has launched its XMM 8160 modem to support the 5G internet connectivity on the smartphones. The company says that the new chips to be made available to smartphone makers in the second half of 2019 – the idea is that 2020 phones are set to run on the 5G network.

According to Intel, the big difference of its modem is that it houses like an all-in-one solution. Not just 5G connectivity, the XMM also works with 4G, 3G networks and even the old 2G. The solution also integrates into smaller boards developed for ever thinner smartphones and still make room for a larger battery.

ntel announced its first 5G modem

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The company claims that the modem has the capacity to reach speeds of up to whopping 6 gigabits per second which is up to six times faster than the current 4G LTE modems. XMM also works in the bands between 600 MHz and 6 GHz, in addition to the mmWave calls that run at 24 GHz.

The tech giant Apple is one of the manufacturers that use the Intel modems and, it seems and it seems Apple plans to introduce 5G-connected iPhones by 2020 only.


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