Can O-Tama Subdue All Zoan Type Devil Fruit Users In One Piece?

O-Tama in One Piece

One Piece is the ongoing most popular manga and with Wano Arc nobody is even close to its record-breaking popularity. Wano Arc is a much-anticipated arc in whole anime history. Its just beginning and we have seen so much from it. According to the author, the battle of  Marinford Arc will look like a pinch of salt in front of the final battle of  Wano Arc and we have already witnessed its beginning in One Piece Chapter 918. However, today’s topic is slightly different from Wano Arc but related to it. In One Piece Manga Chapter 918, we saw O-Tama subduing Smile User SMILE with her devil fruit power. So, in today’s post, we will try to find the answer whether she is able to subdue all Zoan devil fruit users or not.

SMILE Users In One Piece

One Piece Chapter 919 Spoilers

If you recall the events from the chapter 918 when Luffy punched Holdem with Jet Hawk, he became unconscious but his lion Kamijiro was conscious which proves that both have separate consciousness despite sharing the same body. This feature makes SMILE user completely different from Zoan devil fruit users. Zoan devil fruit is one of the three devil fruits which turn the user completely into animal or creature. But SMILE adds an additional living animal part to the user which shares user’s body with its own consciousness.

Can O-Tama Subdue All Zoan Type Devil Fruit Users In One Piece

Now, coming to the question whether O-Tama can subdue Zoan users or not. I think O-Tama ability only works on animals.

O-Tama In One Piece

If you saw Speed in One Piece Chapter 918, her smile was like a horse. Her lower body was also of horse that means most of her body has been attached to a horse. So, in the case of Speed, her conscious had merged with horse’s that’s why O-Tama’s fruit worked on her.

O-Tama In One Piece

If same fruit was eaten by Holdem, he will not be affected as he and Kamijiro shares only stomach. So, O-Tama’s fruit might affect the lion’s portion only.

O-Tama in One Piece

Therefore, O-Tama ability can only subdue animal parts of the SMILE users. Zoan devil fruit users are actually human and their consciousness remains still of a human while they transformed into a creature. So, more precisely we can say that O-Tama’s ability effects animal’s consciousness, not a human’s. Therefore, we can conclude that O-Tama cannot subdue Zoan Devil Fruit users in One Piece.