Shoojit Sircar’s ‘October’ Trailer gives Glimpse of Varun Dhawan in an Unusual Love Story


Shoojit Sircar known for movies which are driven by content and strong character development is here with “October” starring Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu in the titular role. The film will mark the debut for model turned actress Banita. Like every other movie of Shoojit, this one also will bring to life a story which promises you much more than a usual love story. The trailer for October was released yesterday at a unique event. Varun Dhawan surprised the audiences in theatre and took them through the journey of “October” and what the film is about.

The two-minute extended trailer leaves you with many unanswered questions as nothing much is given about the central plot. The story revolves around ‘Dan’ portrayed by Varun Dhawan along with ‘Shiuli’ played by Banita Sandhu. Both of them are students of hospitality management currently working as a trainee in a five-star hotel. Dan being a reserved and shy person finds a friend in Shiuli with whom he can share his frustration. After learning about Shiuli’s fondness for him, Dan is surprised and tries to find why she never told him.

As the trailer progresses, Dan comes to know that Shiuli has been admitted to ICU. After knowing that she has inquired about him, Dan becomes more curious and grows affection towards her. He regularly starts visiting and taking care of her without even knowing if she truly loves him or not. The film is undoubtedly a romantic drama, but also we are sure that it will not be a regular love story filled with hugs and kisses.

Varun Dhawan in the past has played various lover boy roles, and he has proved his mettle in movies like Badlapur. However, in this one, he looks more mature as of an actor, and we think he will leave us mesmerised with his performance. With the director Shoojit at the helm of this one, we can relax and expect another marvel which has way high standards than other Bollywood films.


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