Official CEOgiri Season 2 Review, Effulgent Work by Zealous Sumeet Vyas.


Official CEOgiri season 2 is a full on masala filled dramedy flick web series presented by Arre and a sequel to season 1, named as Official Chukyagiri. Directed by Samal Iqbal, featuring-Sunny Kaushal, Preeti Hansraj Sharma, Gopal Datt, Pranay Manchanda, Aahana Kumra, Elisha Chopra and Sumeet Vyas. This season is of 5 episodes ranging from 20-25 minutes and each episode airs weekly.

official CEOgiri Season 2

It was all about a small-town guy, Spandan Chukya struggling in the corporate world. Spandan Chukya who is the protagonist of the show is played by Sunny Kaushal and Aahana Kumra played Chukya’s boss as Rati. The show portrayed the background of Chukya being born and bred in a decent Meerut family and post-graduation in MBA. The story begins when he starts his career as an intern in a company and struggles first to make presence of himself in the company and later to succeed there. Soon he realised that “yaha jagah milti nahi, banana padhti hai”. The end left a question in our mind that who is that guy who keeps an eye on everyone with the help of a drone.

Season 2 is back with a new name and improvised episodes i.e. OFFICIAL CEOgiri. It begins disclosing the guy, who without seeing anyone, keeps an eye on everyone with a help of a drone as he has SAD (social anxiety disorder), fears to face people. Yeahh, it’s our lovely SUMEET VYAS as Dilawar Rana aka D, CEO of Digital Analog. He is in deep trouble as his most trusted employee Rati cheats on him by telling a lie that she has got a new job but reveals to Chukya that she has opened her own agency, alluring their clients as well and making Analog almost sink.

Gaining courage D steps into the office but with an umbrella due to his SAD, tries to convince his clients but end up being giving a deadline of 2 months to manage the things. From frying pan into the fire, Spandan has to go as his father gets diagnosed with serious heart attack and D’s and Analog’s situation is like a fish outta water, but before stepping out Chukya shows concern and promises D to come back soon.
Seeing D sad Janitor Chacha shows him a ray of hope and asks him to be calm for he may find a solution around. Gaining his confidence back, utters a line which i liked the most, When you are falling off a cliff, it doesn’t matter whether you land on your face or your ass!”  D suddenly looks at Mallika’s (D’s Wife) photo and murmurs, Got it! Desperately he turns to Mallika for help and shares his out with her. Irritated D practice confronting people but unable to face, he calls everybody and fires them including Janitor, but the latter being really concerned and as a well wisher says, “Job to employee chorte hai, family nahi”, I have savings I can just be your assistant, an emotional clip.

Official CEOgiri Season 2
There comes a noise from the corridor and when D checks it out, it’s his brother Cash who has got all the employees back and suggests a good idea. Humiliated by Rati for being dumb as he goes to her office to talk about all the kickbacks she made in every campaign, confesses to his wife for neither saving them nor Analog, but she soothes him nicely. Followed by a damn funny clip, Cash being a hustler arranges a good client for D, in return D announces him as unofficial Head of Marketing and promises him to make it official if the company exists after two months.

Official CEOgiri Season 2

The series do show the dark side of the corporate world like shrewdness, being emotionless and survival of the fittest. It provided some motivation for surviving in the corporate world especially for new-comers. What a praiseworthy and limpid acting by our zealous and charming Sumeet Vyas. An awesome attempt, the way he heuristically deals with his Social Anxiety Disorder.

This episode winds up making us hot in collars, like damn inquisitive as Cash was seen sitting with Rati in the ending clip. What’s gonna be the deal?

Official CEOgiri Season 2

To be an early bird, download the Arre app now and watch the 3rd Episode to streamed on 26 March, 2018.


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