Official Fortnite Twitch stream accidentally revealed Respawn Vans

respawn vans

Respawns vans could finally be coming to Fortnite as Epic Games accidentally revealed them during Blackheart Cup solo event live stream.

Respawn vans in Fortnite

respawn vans

For the first time during pop-up events, Epic Games showcased the matches live on Twitch and YouTube with commentary. However, they accidentally revealed respawn vans. During a match, respawn vehicles were shown on the map. They were spotted outside of Polar Peak as well as in Retail row. This incident caused confusion among the viewers as respawn vans are yet to be added in the game.
This blunder has fueled the speculations of respawn vans coming to the game as leaks suggested.

Respawn vans or spots would allow players to revive their eliminated team-mates. Exact mechanics of how a player will revive their teammates using vans and what will be the time limit for reviving are unknown.

With Fortnite update v8.20 around the corner, it is possible that we could see respawn vans in the game.