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One Piece 898 Spoilers, Germa 66 Unleash Their Power Against Big Mom Pirates


In Chapter 897 we saw the Pekom plan to help Sanji and Luffy escape from the Caco Island. He planned to transform into Sulong form but was unable to do so. He was attacked by Big Mom Pirates but he helped Sanji to rescue Luffy. At the end of the chapter, we saw the arrival of Germa 66 on the Cacao Island, known as the Warmongers. The next chapter is scheduled to release this weekend but we got fresh One Piece 898 Spoilers. According to Spoilers, the chapter is focused on the fight between Germa 66 and Big Mom Pirates.

Spoilers Ahead!!

Title: We’ll Definitely Return

Cover: The New Giant Warrior Pirates Navigator, Road (first mentioned in Chapter 866 along with Goldberg)

When Germa 66 lands on the shore of the Cacao Island, The Big Mom Pirates start shooting at the Vinsmokes.Germa 66  wanted to take the revenge of the execution of their people at the wedding and wanted to save Luffy and Sanji. The Vinsmokes tell Sanji to take Luffy far away from the Island. Then suddenly, Oven got mad and attacked the Luffy and Sanji but Ichiji appeared and save both of them and then punched Oven using “Sparking Valkyrie”. Yuen also tried to stop Luffy and Sanji but he gets stopped by Yonji and receive a fatal blow by his “Winch Execution/Beheading.

Sanji got hit by a bullet which made his movements slow. Then, Niji came and defeated all snipers using “Henry Blazers”. By the help of Vinsmokes Luffy and Sanji succeeded to get out from the Cacao Island. Snack, Brownie, and Joconde are ordered to attack them but they failed to hear the command because of huge commotion due to the battle. Reiju beat the soldiers using  “Pink Hornet” who were ready to throw tear gas.

One Piece Chapter showed the power of Vinsmokes and their huge role in the escape of Luffy from the Cacao Island. If they won’t arrive then it would be impossible for the Luffy and Sanji to escape. At the end of the chapter, One Piece gave a major hint about the Strawhats reunion.

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