One Piece 907 Spoilers Confirmed Wano Arc Will Start Very Soon

One Piece Chapter 907 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 906 was an amazing chapter which adds one more secret in the One Piece manga i.e. Straw Hat in the holy land of Mariejois. Doflamingo was shown after very long time and he was seemed worried about the secret only he knows. One Piece Chapter 907 will air next weekend. Before that, I will discuss some One Piece 907 Spoilers with you and will predict some situations in One Piece manga happening right now.

One Piece 907 Spoilers Confirmed Wano Appearance

Recently One Piece editor live did live stream about the One Piece ace novel. He commented about the Reverie Arc and the Wano Arc of One Piece. Sandman revealed his comments from the long live stream.

So as mentioned in tweet Reverie Arc will be finished within next 10 chapters. Therefore, the possibility of Luffy reaching there is very low. Editor Naito also revealed some news about the One Piece Chapter 907:

“Reverie and so on heading to the Wano State !!”
“The world is in chaos .. !?”
“The strongest hero of the new world bursts into the Wano State!!”

With his comments, he also shared Luffy’s fourth gear’s snake-man illustration.

One Piece 907 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 907 Spoilers

So, from above words of One Piece editor, it is confirmed that One Piece chapter 907  will finally show some glimpse from Wano Arc where straw hats make there perfect entrance for making a plan to beat the hell out of Kaido.

Apart from the Wano arc, Reverie will continue in One Piece Chapter 907. In the ending of chapter 906, we saw Doflamingo talking about the secret of the National Treasure Of Mariejois and the straw hat. So, it can happen that One Piece chapter 907 will reveal that treasure properly. I think it will not be a gold type treasure it will be an ancient weapon. In upcoming chapters, we can also witness the action of Celestial Dragons to assassinate Doflamingo as he knows about that treasure.

Revolutionary Army Will Take Chance

In the last chapter, there was no sign of action taken by the revolutionary army to launch an attack on Reverie. Now, it is confirmed that Reverie arc will end within 10 chapters it is huge possibility that Revolutionary Army will make their move. Last few chapters show the appearance of Revolutionary Army members near the Reverie and even Sabo is inside the Reverie in disguise of a Soldier of Goa Kingdom. Dragon will not late his plan and will try to attack Reverie on the starting to give world government less chance to brace themselves.

One Piece 907 Predictions- Ryokugu Full Appearance

Now the meeting is started it will be a chance for admiral Ryokugu to finally reveal her/his mysterious personality. It will be a good chapter for fans if they get to know about the mysterious and powerful admiral.

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One Piece Chapter 907 Confirmed Spoilers