One Piece 908 Spoilers – Finally Reverie Meeting Begins

One Piece 908 Spoilers

One Piece chapter 907 is live now and is brilliant like the previous chapter. It reveals many secrets and histories. Today in this post I will discuss One Piece 908 Spoilers with you ahead of the chapter release.

One piece 908 Spoilers

So let’s discuss One Piece Chapter 907 before coming to the spoilers of One Piece 908. In the One Piece 907 chapter, we saw the Marines tapped the conversation of Kaido and Big Mom which revealed the Kaido is in debt of Big Mom and his connection with Big Mom. Big Mom planned extermination of Straw Hats with Kaido. Chapter revealed the reason of Garp being called as Hero Of Marines and history of Rocks peoples who ruled the seas before Gold D. Roger, Whitebeard and Shiki.

This chapter also revealed the theory behind Empty Throne. At the last pages of the manga, we saw Shanks entering at Mary Geoise without any problem and being respected by  Gorosei which is still a mystery why he meets them. So, now head to One Piece 908 Spoilers.

One Piece 908 Spoilers

One Piece 908 Spoilers

Since Reverie arc will end soon, the Reverie meeting will begin in the next chapter and it will lead to some new rules, storyline or revelations in One Piece as it is happening in One Piece in front of fans. On the other hand, Shanks is also a Mary Geoise for meeting with Gorosei ( five elders of world government ). The next chapter will reveal why shanks has authority to enter at the Geoise and set up a meeting with the world government. Maybe it will regarding about someone from legendary rock pirates or some other powerful pirate as Oda has already given a hint to bring a formidable opponent for Luffy.

One Piece 908

I’m not sure but Straw Hats can reach the Wano country in next chapter. From last chapter it is revealed that Kaido and Big Mom are former partners, so you’ll get more information about their alliance and connections in 908. As chapter 907 didn’t reveal about that hidden Straw Hat’s secret chapter 908 will surely give some hint about it.

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