One Piece 909 Spoilers-Im Appears

One Piece 909 Spoilers

One Piece chapter 908 is out online and it marks the beginning of Reverie in the series. This post is all about the latest One Piece 909 spoilers. So, those who don’t want to be spoiled, they shouldn’t read the post further.

One Piece 909 Spoilers

Before going to One Piece chapter 909 spoilers, let’s have a quick recap of the synopsis of the previous chapter.

One Piece 909 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 908 Recap

One Piece Chapter 909 Spoilers

In the 908 chapter, we saw the gathering of all king and queens at the meeting place where princes Manshley heals Shirahoshi. Pell swear to stay with Shirahoshi to protect her. At the main gates, Bonny comes in disguise of Queen mother Conney where guard stop her. When Saint Roswald goes inside the palace to help his son she takes her chance and infiltrates in.

On the other hand, Sabo and co. also infiltrates the holy land of Mariejois. The meeting starts with the discussion of the rise of Straw Pirates and their attempt to assassinate Big Mom. Five elders refer the Nefeltari Kingdom as a traitor and in the end, we saw Im tearing Straw Hats wanted posters and look towards Vivi.

So, lets come to the One Piece  Chapter 909 spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 909 Spoilers

One Piece 909 Spoilers

As Five Elders has taken a step to cleanse the world once again after Marine War. Next chapter will reveal their strategy to eliminate someone. In the last chapter, we saw Im tearing posters of straw hats and Blackbeard except for Vivi. Im is highest ranking individual man in the government and actual holder of Empty Throne. His existence is also a secret to rest of the world. The reason for his decision of targeting Vivi-chan is still behind the curtains.

We will also witness Sabo and co. making their move to retrieve their friend Kuma from the slavery of world government. Dragon might also appear in the Reverie as it is an important mission for them and we are seeing them for the first time to carrying out an attack plan.

One Piece 909

Five elders are at the Reverie meeting means their meeting with Shanks has been finished. So, there is a possibility that next chapter will show their conversation with him about a certain pirate.

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