One Piece 914 Spoilers, Leaks Confirmed, Release Date

One Piece 914 Spoilers

In today’s post, we will discuss One Piece Chapter 914 Spoilers. I know it’s been a long wait for you as One Piece was on one week break, but One Piece Chapter 914 Confirmed spoilers are out. In chapter 914, Zoro and Luffy find out more about the Kozuki clan and the Wano land. So, let’s discuss One Piece 914 spoilers, leaks without any delay.

One Piece 914 Spoilers, Leaks Confirmed

One Piece 914 Spoilers

Tsuru’s medicine works on Tama and she starts recovering. Kiku treats Zoro’s wounds. After waking of Tama, Tsuru offers her “Shiruko” to eat but she refuses because she doesn’t have money. But after convincing by Tsuru she eats the Shiruko and cries of the tasty food.

Tsuru tells Luffy and Zoro that 20 years ago, the Kozuki clan was living in the Oden castle and were ruling the Wano kingdom. Now, deceased Oden created a huge plantation and provided everyone in Kuri delicious food. That plantation now belongs to Orochi who is in beast pirates, and Tsuru and the others have to purchase the rotted ingredients from them. When Tsuru tries to reveal more about the Wano’s condition, someone aims an arrow at Tsuru. Zoro blocks the arrow with his Katana at an instant.

One Piece Chapter 914 Confirmed Spoilers, Release Date

The shooter is one of the gifters who has eaten the bat SMILE fruit and become a batman. He starts flying using wings of a bat. He heard all the conversation between them as his hearing is 6 times greater than a normal human, so he tries to kill Tsuru. He aims one arrow after another at Tsuru, but Zoro blocks them all. As they were busying in tackling Batman, another gifter with Gazelle SMILE power abducts Tama.

One Piece Chapter 914 Confirmed Spoilers

To rescue Tama, Kiku takes out her Katana and follows the gazelleman. Luffy and Zoro head out to the town with her and gazelleman. In the town, Hawkins, Holdem, Speed and 30 other SMILE users are waiting. Luffy asks who exactly Kiku is, and she answers, “I (sessha) am a Samurai!”. After Law hears from Bepo that Luffy and the rest are heading to the official’s town, he says “Hey wait! That’s nothing but trouble! We’ve to stop these idiots!”

One Piece Chapter 914 Release Date

One Piece 914 leaks are out but the official chapter will release on 20th August 2018. There will be no break next week, so One Piece 915 will release on 27th August.

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