One Piece shares hot bikini clad poster of Nami


One Piece and Straw Hat Luffy is all about the adventures amidst the Ocean. With the summer coming towards the end in reality, but the One Piece latest chapter in the series has a new featured page with Straw Hat team enjoying the summers in full flow.

In the manga, we are currently running with the Wano arc, where we will witness the battle between Luffy and Urashima.

In the featured photo of the chapter, one can observe Nami at the centre and wearing a hot bikini.

One Piece shares hot bikini clad poster of Nami

One Piece shares hot bikini clad poster of Nami

The series has till date sold over 440 million copies worldwide and Volume 90 of the series is up for sale. Especially for its fans, there will be special book release in the coming month.

In the photo, we can observe that Luffy is smashing watermelons, Sanji is smoking, Chopper is playing with fireworks and Zoro can be seen doing some artful training even while eating the noodles.

It looks pretty nice to see the whole Straw Hat crew together after a long gap. The last time we have seen them together was in the Whole Cake Island Arc. It is a sort of a union for our heroes, which feels great to see.

One Piece is a Japanese manga which has been penned down by Eiichiro Oda. The one piece manga is published under the Weekly Shonen Jump series. The manga series follows the adventure of Monkey D Luffy, who gaining properties of rubber after eating the devil fruit. One Piece manga is ranked number one among the manga readers around the globe.