One Piece Chapter 915 Spoilers,Release Date

One Piece Chapter 915 Spoilers

We are back with One Piece 915 Spoilers as One Piece chapter 914 unofficial scans are out now. Those who don’t like spoilers and don’t want to be spoiled themselves, they shouldn’t read this post. So, without any further delay let’s discuss One Piece Chapter 915 Spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 915 Spoilers

Before spoilers, let’s have a look at the events of the latest chapter.

In One Piece Chapter 914, we saw O-Tama getting healed by the medicine of Tsuru while O-Kiku bandaged Zoro. Zoro and Luffy introduced themselves as Zorojuro and Luffytaro.

Upon asking about the town, Tsuru told them they are in the town of Leftover. She said that 20 years ago, the Kozuki clan was living in the Oden castle and were ruling the Wano kingdom. Now, deceased Oden created a huge plantation and provided everyone in Kuri delicious food. That plantation is under Orochi who is in beast pirates, and they have to purchase rotten ingredients from them to live. That’s why Okobore is known as the town of leftover.

One Piece Chapter 915 Spoilers

When Tsuru began to reveal more, Bat SMILE user or one of the gifter attacked her with arrows, but Zoro deflected his arrows. Meanwhile, another SMILE user Gazelleman abducted O-Tama and ran towards the government district where Hawkins, Speed and Holdem were waiting. O-Tama kidnapping was pre-planned, so Luffy rushed into Bakura districts or Beast’s pirates’ territory. The chapter ended with Trafalgar Law appearance and he looked in tension as Luffy rushed toward enemies territory. He ordered everyone in heart pirates to stop them.

One Piece Chapter 915 Spoilers, Predictions

One Piece Chapter 915 Spoilers

Now, coming to the One Piece 915 Spoilers, I think next chapter will purely concentrate on the current situation. After a long time, Trafalgar law is shown in One Piece manga. But he is in tension as he is part of an alliance with Luffy and currently Luffy and Zoro are heading straight toward enemies’ territory to save O-Tama which can also dangerous for him. Trafalgar law will also rush towards the district with his crew to stop Luffy and others to enter there.

One Piece 915 Spoilers

In the next chapter, we will see a reunion of Luffy and Law as Law will able to stop Luffy to avoid initial conflict. Like always Luffy will try to convince the law to go there, but Law will calm Luffy. They will be likely to formulate a plan to save O-Tama from beast’s pirates without any conflict. We will also see Hawkins and other revealing their intention to abduct O-Tama.

Currently, the whereabouts of Nami, Chopper, Brook and Zoro is still unknown, but I don’t think that in the current situation One Piece Chapter 915 will reveal there location.

One Piece Chapter 915 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 915 will release officially on 27th August and leaked scans will out 23th August.

This article is purely based on predictions. These might be true or not and if you are interested to express your own One Piece 915 spoilers, you can share with us in the comment section. We will give them a place in this article.


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