One Piece Chapter 917 Manga Confirmed Spoilers, Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 917 Manga Confirmed Spoilers-6

In One Piece Chapter 917, we will initially see small houses of woods which have been made for poor people and a mother is carrying a baby who is crying and the whole surrounding area looks filthy and dirty. In a snap of moment, we get to see a beautiful farm which offers a variety of food which looks like Kaido’s

Then we will see a woman with a horse body typically a centaur, her hair is black and white. She looks pretty and has a horse face smiling look

Holdem’s lion is holding the O-Tama in between his jaws and Zoro, Luffy and O-Kiku are gazing at him. O-Tama is crying for help when he looks at Luffy and others. We will also see building hanging in the air.

One Piece Chapter 917 Manga Confirmed Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 917 Manga Confirmed Spoilers

O-Kiku is having a discussion with Luffy about Jack and they remember about Jack and Zunisha

Kaido’s associates are offering food to Holdem and Luffy gets mouthwatering after looking at delicious food

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Hawkins come riding in the town on his animal and Law was standing in front of him holding a sword with face covered by straw-thingy but he could not recognize him. Although he was suspecting his face.

One of Kaido’s associates captures O-Kiku, while Luffy and Zoro could not help it out

Luffy punches out the lion in his mouth and blood starts dripping from the teeth of the Holdem’s lion

One Piece Chapter 917 Manga Confirmed Spoilers

Luffy takes the Kaido’s associate cart and attaches it to the dog and rescues O-Tama and O-Kiku by taking them on the cart

One Piece Chapter 917 Manga Confirmed Spoilers

Holdem’s lion spits fire on Luffy and he manages to dodge it but it results in O-Tama getting dropped off the cart

Luffy punch Holdem with a massive Red Hawk and the battle between them commences