One Piece Manga Chapter 918 Spoilers, Predictions And Release Date

One Piece Chapter 918 Manga Spoilers

Hello Guys!! I hope you’re doing well. Today’s post is all about a brief discussion on One Piece Chapter 917 and some spoilers & predictions of chapter 918. Leaving Reverie Arc on hold One Piece manga is currently in much anticipated Wano Arc. Luffy and Zoro have already made a commotion in Bakuro town to save O-Tama from lion SMILE user, Holdem. One Piece Chapter 917 is live now and it was all about more unlimited riot and revelations. So, let’s discuss One Piece Chapter 918 Spoilers and predictions along with the latest chapter.

One Piece Chapter 918 Spoilers, Predictions

One Piece Chapter 918 Spoilers

As I said above, the latest chapter was full of reckless riot and some revelations. In the chapter, we saw children of Okobore town suffering from illness but O-Tsuru helped them.

On the other hand, the chapter introduced us with another SMILE user “Speed”, a horse SMILE user who brings delicious food for Beast Pirates’s officials from the Paradise farm, a place full of fresh food.

With O-Tama in his mouth, Holdem warned Luffy and others to crush her. He wanted to lure out Shutenmaru with O-Tama’s food making ability. He called him as leader of Atamayama thieves and Luffy and others as his subordinates who stole food from Shogun’s paradise farm.

One Piece 918 Spoilers

O-Kiku told Luffy about the Holdem’s connection with Beast Pirates’ Jack who is still alive after Zunisha incident and currently in Wano Country. After seeing the delicious food, Luffy went against Holdem and Zoro stole the food and sent O-Kiku out of the town with Komainu.

Luffy was able to rescue O-Tama from Holdem’s lion mouth and hit him with the red hawk. In the going chaos in Bakuro town, when Basil Hawkins reached the gates of the town we saw Law interfering him.

One Piece Chapter 918 Spoilers, Predictions

One Piece Chapter 918 Spoilers

So the anger among both sides has been reached to its peak and things are only going to solve by the fight. Luffy is now angry on Holdem. He destroyed his face with Red Hawk.

In the next chapter, we will see him taking on Holdem seriously to settle the matter with him right there. Zoro will take out Speed and her subordinates.

As Law interfered Basil Hawkins, he might take him. I’m still in doubt regarding Hawkins behaviour. There is a slight possibility that he will turn on Luffy’s side and help Law. But currently, he is on the enemies side.

O-Kiku is heading out of the town so, she might be stopped by another unknown SMILE user or we might see someone more powerful like Jack or Shogun to interfere in the situation.

One Piece Chapter 918 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 918 is scheduled to release on 21th September but leaks will be out two or three days before the release.