One Piece Chapter 921 Leaked Spoilers,Release Date

One Piece Chapter 921 Manga Raw Scans

Since the last four chapters, the intensity in the One Piece manga has become more serious as many revelations are coming out one by one. One Piece Chapter 920 was the best of them. One Piece Chapter 921  gonna be one of the best One Piece manga chapter you’ve ever seen. So, let’s discuss One Piece Chapter 921 leaked Spoilers, release date.

One Piece Chapter 921 Leaked Spoilers

As you know, the last chapter was all about the Hozuki clan’s history. We came to know that Oden’s father was Shogun of the country. Oden was of violent nature and always busying in fighting with someone. Due to his behaviour, he was exiled from the Flower Capital. After getting kicked out from the capital, he went to Kuri and defeated the most powerful man in the town. He taught the people of the Kuri how to live by growing food and working as Kuri was illegal area of Wano where peoples only live for killing.

One Piece Chapter 921 Spoilers

He has been on Raftel with Gold D. Roger and after knowing this Kaido wrecked everything he made in Kuri, and a few years later, Orochi executed him when they didn’t get to know about the Raftel from. We also saw Kaido setting Oden’s castle to fire with his wife Toki, Momonusuke and daughter inside. But some moments before that, Toki sent the four retainers and Momonusuke to 20 years in the future.

One Piece Chapter 921 Leaked Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 921 will gonna be the chapter of some serious interactions and revelations. Luffy and others will discuss their layout of the plan, how they will invade Kaidou’s residence. They will probably divide themselves into teams where they will get to know about Zoro’s absence.

One Piece Chapter 921 Leaked Spoilers

On the other hand, we might see Zoro heading to the Onigashima via boat he found when he was lost. In past chapters, we’ve heard of Jack coming to the Wano. There is the possibility that Zoro will run into him and we might see a massive clash before the straw hat’s invasion.

One Piece Chapter 921 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 921 is on one week break so that it will release on 22nd October, but One Piece Chapter 921 leaked spoilers will be out on 18th October.