One Piece Chapter 935 Manga Raw Scans Confirmed Summary

One Piece Chapter 935 manga raw scans

After a one-week break, One Piece chapter 935 is going to air this week. Fans are excited ahead of the chapter as things are becoming more twisted. At the prison, Luffy has already taken a dangerous step after hitting guard who was torturing old man. Till now no One Piece Chapter 935 manga raw scans are out online, but we got a bunch of confirmed spoilers ahead of release. So, let’s discuss the One Piece chapter 935 confirmed spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 935 confirmed spoilers

One Piece Chapter 935 Spoilers

Manga raw scans are not out, but confirmed spoilers are here to tell you what will happen in the chapter. So, if you don’t want to be spoiled, please don’t read this post.

This week, Cover page of One Piece manga will feature one of the Kaido’s right hand, Queen. Smoker will also make his way to the cover picture. According to the leaks, Smoker is smoking, but it’s being put out by the mouse fire brigade in the cover photo.

Luffy kicks the scorpion guard and knocks him down to save the old man. A bunch of guards there are screaming and shouting to give him a punishment of death. As Queen is coming there, one page of the manga depicts his bounty as 1.32 Billion Berries. In the midst of the havoc caused by the  Luffy, Raizo finally appears there to save him.

After hearing screaming and shouting, warden of the prison comes there. He is an elephant smile user headliner. As for the preview of One Piece Chapter 936, Raizou is shown running past one of the cells where a mysterious prisoner introduces himself as Kawamatsu of the Nine Red Scabbards and aks if Momonosuke is alright. So, in One Piece chapter 936, we will see about the Kawamatsu who served Oden 20 years ago and assumed to be dead after the fire incident. What do you think, what’s gonna happen in One Piece Chapter 936 ??

One Piece Chapter 935 manga raw scans will be out Tomorrow.