One Piece chapter 935 spoilers, manga raw scans release date

One Piece Chapter 935 Spoilers

After a one-week break, One Piece chapter 935 will finally release this week. In the ongoing Wano Arc, Luffy has been captured and working at the Prisoner’s mine. In the last chapter, we saw Luffy inviting another trouble after hitting a guard who was torturing an old man. At the end of the chapter Pirates All-Star Queen the Plague entered at the mine. It can be more complicated for Luffy’s current situation. So, let’s discuss some One Piece chapter 935 spoilers or predictions surfacing online.

One Piece chapter 935 spoilers, manga raw scans

One Piece Chapter 935 Spoilers

As Luffy has already caused havoc at the mine, jailor might attack him, but he might end up beaten. But, Queen is already at the Prison, Luffy will face him in a tough battle after beating jailor.

As Luffy is already bruised at the prison, he might not be able to defeat Queen and now here comes the execution of Raizo’s plan to rescue Luffy.  But his chance of winning is very low.

We also know that Big Mom is currently allied with a chopper as she has lost her memories due to amnesia. She and Chopper with others are already at the mine to rescue Luffy. So, we can see a big clash between Queen and Big Mom in one piece chapter 935.

One Piece Chapter 935 Spoilers

Queen’s devil fruit power is currently behind the curtains, but in front of a Yonko, he won’t last long. Big Mom may have lost her memories and control over Prometheus and Napoleon, but we have witnessed her brute strength and Haki during the whole cake island arc which is enough to take down a powerful enemy.

So, One Piece chapter 935 can be the chapter where we will finally see Luffy escaping from the prisoner. What do you think, whether it will happen or not?


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