One Piece Episode 850 Spoilers, Preview-Luffy Vs Katakuri

We are here again for more interesting Piece anime spoilers and preview. In today’s post, we will discuss One Piece Episode 850 spoilers and preview as One Piece episode 849 has been aired, and it marks the sudden shift in the pace of Whole Cake Island as everyone has reached the coast of the island and Big Mom pirates have defeated Brook and Chopper.

Before discussing One Piece Episode 850 Spoilers, let’s have a quick recap of the latest episode. The episode gave us a short teaser of Katakuri’s formidable skills.

One Piece Episode 849- Pedro’s Sacrifice

One Piece Episode 850 Spoilers

In episode 849, we saw Luffy shattering through Prospero’s Candy Madian and going against Katakuri, but has barely managed to hit him a punch. Meanwhile, Big Mom pirates surrounded them and started attacking Sunny which was stuck in Prospero’s Candy.

One Piece Episode 850 Spoilers

The episode was full of Pedro’s emotion related to his childhood, his struggle as a Poneglyph explorer and captain of Nox pirates. After reminding of his past encounter with Big Mom and words of his idol “Gold D. Roger”, Pedro decided to fulfil his promises of saving Straw Hats by sacrificing himself. He blew up Prospero with him in a huge explosion which made Big Mom fly away.His sacrifice left everyone in tears in front of the enemies.

One Piece Episode 850 PreviewWithout any further delay let’s discuss One Piece Episode 850 Spoilers.

One Piece Episode 850 Spoilers, Preview

Let’s start the spoilers with a glimpse of the action from One Piece Episode 850 Preview:

One Piece Episode 850 Preview

As you can see in the above preview, Carrot will attack Katakuri to take revenge for Pedro, but he will easily fend off her attacks and throw her away.

One Piece Episode 850 Spoilers

One Piece Episode 850 Spoilers

One Piece Episode 850 highlights the launch of coup de bust. If you are wondering how they will do in the presence of Katakuri, then keep reading the One Piece anime spoilers.

One Piece Episode 850 Preview

Actually, On seeing his crew in trouble, Luffy will take an important step to save everyone and challenge Katakuri in a One-on-One fight. He will grab Brulee who is inside a mirror near Sunny and pull himself and Katakuri in the mirror world to make way for the remaining crew to launch coup de bust to leave from the there. But Big Mom and her pirates will head toward them to kill them on Cacao Island.

One Piece Episode 850 Spoilers

From the next episode, Luffy’s struggle against will start as Katakuri is second strongest in Big Mom pirates and strongest among all pirates Luffy has fought till now.

One Piece Episode 850 Spoilers

In One Piece Episode 850, we will see Katakuri’s ability to mimic and enhance Luffy’s ability and overpowered him with his lethal attacks. We will see everyone from Straw Hat in worse condition than they had ever seen.

So, this is all for One Piece Episode 850 spoilers. One Piece whole cake Island arc has just entered in its last phase. Be prepared to see Straw Hats facing situations filled with death at every point from One Piece Episode 851 and onwards.


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