One Piece Episode 853 Spoilers, Release Date, Story Plot


In the One Piece Episode 852, we have witnessed an epic battle between Luffy and Katakuri. Although, Luffy was in pretty bad shape against the Overwhelming power of the Katakuri. We have observed in the last episode Straw Hat Luffy used every move in order to defeat the Katakuri but nothing worked. On the other hand, Big Mom is following the Thousand Sunny Ship and now the question here arises who will save Nami and the team from Big Mom

In the preview of One Piece Episode 853, it can be seen that Jinbe is steering the ship. If we remember Episode 852, Nami along with the others are surrounded by the Big Mom

Big Mom will create troubles for the Straw Hat members on this ship, but Jinbe will save them all, but he will exactly do?

One Piece Episode 853 Spoilers

One Piece Episode 853 Spoilers

Big Mom might use the Tsunami to take the Thousand Sunny Ship, as she controls the power of waves to create a large Tsunami which is even higher than Thousand Sunny

Luffy who is also in a very bad shape will try to communicate with Nami using the broken mirrors. But Luffy is not aware of the situation back at the ship.

One Piece Episode 853 Spoilers

One Piece Episode 853 Spoilers

But Jinbe takes the charge and arranges the ship direction and try to save all from the Big Mom attack and survive the death

Luffy orders Nami and others on the ship to destroy every mirror on Thousand Sunny such that Katkuri associates could not do any damage to them

Nami and team feel really strange in doing so, as they were not aware of the fact, why Luffy is asking them to do this. But they accept their captain order

One Piece Episode 853 Release Date 

One Piece Episode 853 has been scheduled to be released on 9th September 2018