One Piece Skypiea Special Episode Gets Debut Trailer

One Piece Skypiea

Currently, One Piece anime is running into the Whole Cake Island arc while One Piece manga is entered into Reverie arc. But once again One Piece anime will take you back to the Skype arc by its One Piece Skypiea special episode. It will be a TV anime special episode focused on the Skypiea arc of the series.

One Piece Skypiea Special

One Piece will release its Skypiea Special episode “Episode of Skypiea” on 25 August 2018. The series has released its Debut trailer shows the return of class and retro look of the One Piece anime of that arc.

Konosuke Uda is directing this One Piece Skypiea Special. This special will cover the Skypiea Arc. The episode will also feature some new and unseen characters that were not in the original Skypiea arc of the anime. The development team of the episode gives a full makeover to the characters to look like of that time. Also, the quality of designs and animation looks completely like of that time. The main focus of the episode will be the Luffy and Enel battle and it will be interesting to see that how the special episode will recreate that.

Crunchyroll and Funimation are currently offering the streaming of “Episode of Sabo” and “Episode of East Blue” along with the other special on Luffy, Nami, and Going, Merry.

One Piece anime currently in the middle of Whole Cake Island arc and streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

For watching, the episodes of One Piece Anime, get yourself premium subscription of Funimation just for $5.99 a month.

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