One Piece Spoilers From Ch. 895 Reveal Luffy’s Fourth Gear’s Snakeman Form

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The latest chapter of the One Piece manga confirmed the debut of the Luffy’s Fourth Gear snakeman form. Fans are enjoying the news about the new form and want some more about the new form ahead of chapter 895.

After all, a new set of spoilers for chapter 895th of One Piece manga are available here. So warning!!, spoilers ahead.

On the Reddit, a new set of the spoilers of the chapter 895th went live from the leaker YonkouProductions. The spoilers make everyone guess about the snake man’s visual wrong.

Source: YonkouProductions

According to the spoiler, Luffy’s snakeman form is simply a leaner version of Fourth Gear’s base form. But it’s much different from the base form. Katakuri also commented on how similar the power-up form looks like the usual Fourth Gear’s base form. Then Luffy reveals that the snake-man form makes his movement even more faster than the base form. He started dodging Katakuri’s attack and Katakuri was not able to figure it out. This was happening because snake-man form allows Luffy to bend his hand at different angles like a snake and this is called “Python”. This makes his hits hard to predict and to stop. This enables Luffy to land good blows on Katakuri by failing his observation haki. But Katakuri turns his hand into a spiked mace and hit Luffy with “Zangiri Mochi” and both were fighting continuously with various attacks.

At the end, both were hitting each other with ” Zangiri Mochi” and “King Cobra” and an explosion occurs. But the winner is not clear and the chapter ends.

Now it will interesting to see in Chapter 896 that who will stand as a winner or both will stand and continue their fight.

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