One Piece Spoilers Confirm Luffy’s New Form ” Snake Man” Against Katakuri

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If you read the One Piece manga then you should well aware that manga has Straw Hats in a very bad spot. Luffy is fighting Katakuri for awhile in the mirror world and struggling against his enormous power. But there is no need to worry  more because in upcoming manga chapter Luffy will powered-up.

According to the Spoiler posted on Reddit, this week you will see the debut of chapter 894 which will follow the Luffy’s fight with Katakuri.

Chapter 894 begins with the flashback of Rayleigh and Luffy trained together. The flashback appears when Luffy tried to use Observation Haki on Katakuri and Katakuri was fighting with him with a lost limb which grows back later with his Devil fruit’s power.

After so much intense battle Luffy is looking very bloody and Katakuri asks him if he’s given everything he can. Then Luffy stands on his feet and unlocks a new Gear Fourth form called Snakeman.

This is the end of chapter 894, more on the new form of the Luffy will reveal in chapter 895.

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