Oneplus 6T Durability Test: Is it Strong Enough?

Oneplus 6T Durability Test

Chinese premium smartphone producer, Oneplus, has finally launched the most awaited smartphone in the series, that is, Oneplus 6T in an event in the US along with the Bullet Wireless and Bullet Type C earphones. The all-new device comes with a similar build as the Oneplus 6, but with some changes, like the new notch design, now there is a waterdrop display notch, to get more out of the display, for a high screen-to-body ratio, also, the company has introduced the in-display fingerprint sensor, which is new in the Oneplus series. There are major software improvements, Other than these hardware improvements, like the low light photography improvements, new gestures which are coming in the Oneplus 6T with the new OxygenOS 9, which is based on Android 9. This time also, there are two variants of the device based on the material used, the Mirror Black variant comes with an all-glass design, whereas Midnight Black variant comes with a frosted glass design, as we have seen in the Google Pixel device. You might be thinking of, how strong is the build of the device. The durability of the new Oneplus 6T has been tested and here is, what we came to know from the Oneplus 6T Durability Test.

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The Oneplus 6T durability test has been done by renowned tester Zack Nelson on his JerryrigEverything YouTube channel and for this he put the Oneplus 6T through different series of tests, to check the physical durability of the device.

So, the very first test which was performed was the scratch test, where the youtuber scratched the device using different materials like sharp plastic, different metals. In the test, Jerry found that the device passed the tests up to level 6, which means, the device won’t get scratched by the materials like keys, coins at all. The device got scratches up to level 6 and deeper scratches at level 7, which is normal for the devices launching these days with Gorilla Glass protection.

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Also, the sensitive areas like front camera, infrared sensor and back camera are protected with the scratch proof material. Also, in Oneplus 6T the fingerprint comes under the display, which means there are no chances of getting scratches on the sensor. Also, the sensor was working even the display was scratched.

The edges and buttons are made up of metal and provide a premium look to the device, whereas, the back of the device comes with a different material, as mentioned above the Mirror Black variant comes with an all-glass design, whereas Midnight Black variant comes with a frosted glass design. Jerry tested the Midnight Black variant and found that the material gets scratches easily, even with medium sharpen edges things, where the little scratches can be wiped out using a cloth, but the deeper scratches can’t be cleaned and remain on the device material, which is a little disadvantage for the Midnight Black variant, so, make sure you buy a protecting case for your Oneplus 6T.

Oneplus 6T Durability Test

Finally, Jerry put the device to the toughest test of the whole set, that is, the bend test, to test the physical durability of the device. In the test, the youtuber tried to bend the device, using a substantial amount of force. And undoubtedly the device passed the test, without any catastrophic damage, with a small amount of bend at the center, which was retained when released.

Oneplus 6T Durability Test

The series of tests done by renowned tester Zack Nelson clearly shows that Oneplus 6T is really a strong build handset, this can be said, as we have seen the Oppo Find X in the same bend test, where the device failed and broke down in the bend tests.