OpTic Gaming Announced Their Pro Fortnite Team Ahead Of $100M Fortnite Tournement

Optic Gaming

Now, North American eSport organization OpTic Gaming announced their own new pro-Fortnite Team ahead of the big $100 million Fortnite Tournament. So, the newly Fortnite competitive scene begins to affect the leading eSports organization to dropping their teams in the game. OpTic Gaming Fortnite team is full of new talents and it was announced via Twitter.

OpTic Gaming Fortnite Team

The OpTic Gaming Fortnite team will have some of the most talented Fortnite players. It has Kenneth ‘BaldyKun’ Anderson, Robert ‘WizKay’ Simone, Marco ‘MarkyWay’ Soto, and Dade ‘Dramas’ Lesch.

OpTic Gaming Fortnite Team has a deep history of competitive play in Call Of Duty games. None of them had started their careers with Battle Royal genre.

“Three of the four of them were a long-established competitive force in H1Z1’s Battle Royale community – the triple-threat of WizKay, MarkyWap, and Dramas. All four of them boast, at the barest minimum, 400 hours in the game, with Lesch claiming to have sunk over 4,000 into Fortnite Battle royal from past few months.”

“Robert elaborated more on what drew them into the Battle Royale space in the first place: “When I started playing video games, it was strictly Call of Duty Search & Destroy, a little bit of Halo and Gears on the side, but that was it. It was team versus team, S&D style games, so when I got to H1Z1, it was just something I’d never played. ”

The combination of their experience from Call Of Duty and H1Z1 help them to reach this place where they have best skills in Fortnite.

Fortnite eSports Scene

Optic Gaming

Fortnite Battle Royale came out in 2017 and become most popular by leaving its competitor PUBG behind. At that time many eSports organizations begin to consider it as the good candidate as an eSports game. Till now there has not been any official eSport tournament for Fortnite apart from some small tournaments for content creators or celebrities. But small events such as KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite draw millions of viewer and many pro Fortnite players. Now, Pro-Am Tournament is less than a week away which will be held at E3 2018. This not only a reason for the announcement of Fortnite squads. Many eSport organizations have their eyes on $100 million Fortnite Tournament announced by Epic Games to make Fortnite to an official eSports game. This is just starting, in the coming week, you’ll witness more announcement from various organizations.

Source: Greenwall