OpTic India disqualified from eXTREMESLAND CS:GO 2018 for hacking

OpTic India Disqualified

OpTic India’s player Nikhil ‘forksaken’ Kumawat has been found cheating in the eXTREMESLAND 2018 Asia Finals resulting in disqualification of the team from the event

OpTic India was up against the Revolution in the Group C elimination match holding the prize money of $100,000

CSGO2ASIA shared a picture, where OpTic playing bench was surrounded by the moderators and admin

OpTic India disqualified

This act is pretty shameful for Indian Gaming Community, as among the major esports companies, OpTic Gaming was the first to scout for the potential esport talent in the Indian soil. But this deed from the Indian origin player will surely make OpTic Gaming to plan their future steps more cautiously in India.

In the following tweet from CSGO2ASIA, it confirmed that OpTic India player ‘foresaken’ was using hacks and the team has been dismissed from the tournament. OpTic Gaming has not yet issued any official statement in regard to this matter

OpTic India disqualified

A clip from the Twitter handle of liuxinwei0102 showcases an attempt from Forsaken to refuse the referee from checking his PC

OpTic India disqualified

The suspicious clip, where he has been found cheating has been shared online on Twitch has been shown below

This type of event is surely a setback for Indian Esports, which just started budding with the substantial efforts from companies including LXG India, Nodwin Gaming and ESL India