Overwatch Anniversary event 2019 patch notes,new skins, workshop and more

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 event

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 event is finally live in the game, and it brings a ton of new cosmetics for players.

Overwatch Anniversary event 2019

The Anniversary event runs from May 21 to June 10, which includes six Legendary skins and three Epic ones. Blizzard already revealed D.Va and Winston skin for making hype, but others were kept behind the curtains until the event. Apart from skins, three new dance emotes for Baptiste, Hammond and Ashe are also available in the game.

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 event

During the event, players will receive one legendary Anniversary foot box with a  guarantee of one Legendary item. For this, players will have to log into the game during the event.

Also, players who have purchased 50 loot boxes will receive another  Legendary Anniversary loot box as a reward. Like past Anniversary events, all cosmetics and seasonal event loot will be included in loot boxes during the event. Also, the game will be free to play from May 21 to May 28 across all platforms.

The Workshop

The Overwatch workshop will finally be going live in the game during the event. The workshop has been on the PTR since its release during a Rising Storm event. Now, it’s available to more player, new modes and creations will pop out on Reddit or community’s forum.

You can read the full Overwatch Anniversary event 2019 patch notes below:

Overwatch Anniversary event 2019 patch notes

New Seasonal Event: Overwatch Anniversary 2019

Celebrate Overwatch’s third anniversary with brand new items, including Legendary and Epic skins like Riot Police Brigitte, Academy D.Va, Carbon Fiber Doomfist, Honeydew Mei, Orbital Pharah, Gargoyle Winston, and many more! Did you miss any Overwatch festivities over the previous years? Don’t worry—you’ll be able to unlock items from past events using credits (or by opening Loot Boxes!) Relive the thrill of previous seasonal brawls in the Arcade, with a brawl of the day rotating throughout the Anniversary celebration.

Thank you so much for playing Overwatch with us over the past three years! Your continued support and enthusiasm help drive us to keep creating. We look forward to celebrating with you in-game!


We’re excited to share a new in-game feature called the Workshop! The Workshop greatly expands the game customization features available in the Game Browser by providing a simplified game scripting system. Enhance the Overwatch game modes you know and love with new game rules, new victory conditions, adjustments to the hero movement and abilities, and much more. Once you’ve designed an awesome new game mode, create a code to share it with your friends or the whole community*! To get started using the Workshop, see our Workshop blog post. We’re excited to see what you come up with!

(* Codes created in China cannot be shared with the rest of the world. Codes created outside of China can’t be used by players in China.)

Note that Workshop is a complex feature that we’re still iterating on, so we may need to adjust or turn it off as we work to improve it. Please post any questions or issues in the Workshop forum.



  • Immortality Field
    • If it lands on a moving platform, it will move along with the platform

Wrecking Ball

  • Minefield
    • If a mine lands on a moving platform, it will move along with the platform




  • Fixed a bug where Immortality Field would become stuck under some objects
  • Fixed a bug where Immortality Field would behave oddly when placed on a moving platform
  • Fixed a bug where a healing grenade would appear in his Biotic Launcher when it is out of ammo
  • Fixed a bug where the healing grenades from the Biotic Launcher wouldn’t hit teammates when deflected by Genji’s Deflect


  • Fixed a bug where D.Va’s speed when using Boosters decreased dramatically when flying over some platforms


  • Fixed a bug where Genji couldn’t climb up certain pillars on the Havana map


  • Fixed a bug where Hanzo couldn’t climb up certain pillars on the Havana map


  • Fixed a bug with Moira’s Scientist skin where her lab coat would clip into itself while using the Erlenmeyer victory pose


  • Fixed a bug where damage boosting from a teammate’s ability (such as Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix) would count towards Orisa’s damage amplified statistic when using Supercharger



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