Overwatch archive event 2019 details leaked,Baptiste to get a Talon Skin

Overwatch archive event 2019

Overwatch archive event is a lore-based PvE event in the game. It has a separate and elevated fan base as it is the only Overwatch event which has PvE mode.

In 2017, Blizzard announced debut Overwatch Archive event, where players enjoyed Tracer’s first mission. Retribution was Overwatch’s archive event in 2018, where Gabriel Reyes took his steps toward becoming Reaper in a mission in Rialto.

Overwatch archive event 2019 details

2019th archive event is also expected to offer a new mission, and a newly leaked achievement offers a hint about the mission.

Overwatch archive event 2019

The above-leaked achievement highlights four heroes with icons like from past Archives event achievements. Players have to complete a mission against a wave of AI enemies to unlock this icon. This icon specifically represents Talon skin of a champion.

Players speculate these four champions as Sombra, Doomfist, Baptiste, either Moira or Widowmaker. Baptiste will receive its Talor Skin for the first time as other champions got their own of the previous archive event.

Baptiste is known to abandoned Talon skin, so if the first mission is Baptiste-based, then it could take place in time before Baptiste’s desertion.
Players are speculating the text in the image as “extraction”. That could mean rescuing will be part of an Archives mission.

Last year, the Overwatch Archives event “Retribution” began on April 10th. For this year, Blizzard Entertainment has yet to reveal this year’s Archive event details.
As nothing is confirmed until now so take this news as a pinch of salt