First storm rising skin for Baptiste is here and it’s incredible


Ahead of this year’s archive event, i.e., rising storm, Overwatch revealed first skin for the event, and it is for none other than the newest hero in Overwatch roster, i.e., Baptiste.

Baptiste is live in the game since March 19, and he has been showing up more and more, and players are still figuring out how to use his kit.

storm rising skin

With the TALON skin, Baptiste is taken back to that time where he spent his time as a soldier in the organization.

Like Doomfist, Sombra and Widowmaker’s TALON skins, Baptiste features white and red armor with the Talon logo on his bandana. His hair is slightly longer than his usual attire, which also matches with his skin leaked on April 9th.

The skin is listed as a legendary, so it will cost 2000 coins during the event if players can’t get it in an event loot box. As mentioned in the leaks of April 9th, McCree, Bastion and Monocled B.O.B. will also be getting skins for Storm Rising.

Overwatch has updated their archive event’s page with the addition of Storm Rising event along with nine locked hero skin slots. One has been uncovered, and now eight new skins are left to be unveiled.

Overwatch Storm Rising archive event will begin on Tuesday, April 16 which means Blizzard has still plenty of time to reveal the eight remaining unknown skins.


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