Overwatch Players are encountering bug with Doomfist & Winston


Overwatch players are encountering a bug with Doomfist and Winston.

A Reddit user ruth_fos raised this issue by sharing a clip of Winston’s Tesla Cannon not dealing any damage to the player on a certain point in Numbani’s third point

This issue is only occurring at that particular spot on the Numbani map

In response to his clip, other users also shared their clips confirming the issue

Due to this bug, damage from Winston’s Jump and Tesla Cannon from Doomfist is not delivering any damage at that spot

Overwatch Players Encounters Bug With Winston

Winston bug on Numbani. Winston cannot damage enemies in this spot from r/Overwatch


On the Numbani map, so this is the safe spot to avoid any damage from Doomfist Ultimate Tesla Cannon and Winston’s Jump

We certainly hope, Blizzard will address this issue and rectify the on-going bug in the game

The patch or fix for this bug will be out soon, as the start of Overwatch League is just a month away. The Overwatch League will start from February 14, 2019

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