Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 2018 Updated

Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December Overwatch Characters Ranking Photo

Our Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December contains the whole list of Overwatch Characters. Overwatch Season 13 has just started in-game. We have tried the best to form the right meta for you, but it’s not definitive. So, you may use your instincts if you want. But we have considered every aspect of the characters. We have done this by testing different meta, comparing them with the last one. Also, we have tried competing with different meta to bring out the best one for you.

Though all of us have our favourite characters and would love to see them on the top list if they are not then don’t be upset. The characters will still have the upper hand if you play well. So, enough of the theoretical stuff and let’s get into the Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December or Overwatch Characters Ranking. But before that, we have to discuss the Overwatch December Update.

Overwatch December Update

Well, it is difficult to say anything about how much the power scale of the characters has been changed. But the below-mentioned video does tell us about some such characters. Have a look:

  • GOATS Composition – It is still the most classic and most common meta which most of the teams like to choose. It consists of Moira, Lucio, Brigette, Reinhardt, Zarya and D.Va, i.e., 3 tanks and 3 supports.
  • Sombra+Doomfist Dive Composition – It is one of the most effective against the GOATS. The two players, Doomfist and Sombra, are powerful against their backline. But to have this composition work for you, it needs a hell of teamwork. The composition consists of Sombra, Doomfist, Winston, D.Va, Lucio, Ana/Zen.
  • Anti-Dive Composition – It consists of Reinhardt, Zarya, McCree, Brigitte, Lucio, Ana/Zen. As the name suggests, it works well against the Dive composition.
  • Ana/Reinhardt/Zarya/D.Va/Moira – They are still the same. Still strong as we head into December.
  • Ashe – It has been a very short time since Ashe has been a part of the Competitive play. Though she is not going to replace McCree, she is better than McCree in terms of blasting away the diving enemies. These diving enemies include Doomfist and Winston. The Coach Gun which she carries gives her quite a good verticality. Since she is new, we will be adding her name in the next Overwatch Tier List.
  • Torbjorn – Well Torbjorn is a completely new character due to the rework on him, he is in a better place than before. Though he’ still not that good in all the tiers of the game. There are much better choices of character than Torbjorn, but still, if you like Torbjorn and know how to use it, then go ahead and get them all.
  • Doomfist – In the recent patch, there have been changes in his Rising Uppercut. Still, he’s full of a CC force to stay at the topmost ranks of the competitive rung. If there will be a change in the Tier List, then we will let you know about it.
  • Brigitte – Many abilities of Brigitte have been nerfed like non-healing capabilities and Shield Bash. But apart from these nerfs, her CC abilities are enough to keep her place in the game like Doomfist.
  • Mercy – She’s not as strong as before, but this doesn’t mean she’s not a good pick. You can get yourself a strong duo by teaming her up with Ashe. Though Mercy is a good pick for a healer, Ana is still the best one.

Overwatch Characters Ranking and Rating

Here, we give you the Overwatch Characters. We also give the Overwatch Characters Ranking and Rating. This is basically an Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December. This tier list is not definitive though as the current meta is quite balanced.

Tier Hero Role
Tier 1 Reinhardt Tank
Zarya Tank
Ana Support
Moira Support
Doomfist Offence
Tier 2 D.Va Tank
Winston Tank
Brigitte Support
Hanzo Defence
Junkrat Defence
Mercy Support
Zenyatta Support
Tier 3 Lucio Support
Wrecking Ball Tank
McCree Offence
Pharah Offence
Genji Offence
Tracer Offence
Widowmaker Defence
Tier 4 Mei Defence
Orisa Tank
Reaper Offence
Roadhog Tank
Soldier: 76 Offence
Tier 5 Bastion Defence
Torbjorn Defence
Sombra Offence
Symmetra Offence


Tier 1


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 1 Photo

Reinhardt is at the top of all levels of plays. It is because of him being best at both defence and offence. He can defend the whole backline with his huge barrier and can also attack simultaneously with a devastating blow of his Earthshatter. He also has got a good synergy like Zarya and Brigitte.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 2 Photo

Zarya is just another Tank like Reinhardt. The fact that she can be very strong if grouped with Reinhardt, Winston, Doomfist and Brigitte make her a useful character. Her best weapon is her Bubble Shield which absorbs the bursts hit by opponent characters like Junkrat and Hanzo.

This bubble shield absorbs those bursts and helps her revive her energy bar. Also, her Ultimate move also compliments with Reinhardt’s Earthshatter and Hanzo’s Dragonstrike. Due to both these factors, she’s a good pick in competitive play.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 3 Photo

Ana’s support kit is just the best you can imagine. Apart from handling herself, she got buffs to fill up others’ health bars. Welcome Ana back in the business, after getting buffed.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 4 Photo

She’s better than that in Season 12 now. She has become quite a great support in the game. She has a power pack. Like she can heal, deal damage to the opponents and can get herself outta bad situation with just a button-press.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 5 Photo

Doomfist is like the One Punch Man as his one-shot with his punch deals a hell lot of damage to the opponents. Well, to keep him in position, you have to practice quite a lot to get a hang of him. Since he can turn the tables and make you win, you should master him to get a win.

Tier 2


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 6 Photo

D.Va is like an all-rounder for a team to have. She can easily clear a whole backline due to her great mobility and the fact that she can nullify the Ultimates of the opponent. She can be a very useful player in the team if you know how to use her in the right way.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 7 Photo

When the Dive Composition was the meta, Winston was a good pick. Though, he’s still a good pick if you use him along with a Dive Composition.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 8 Photo

Hanzo is another one-shot guy with great mobility. It is difficult to face a team who has a Hanzo master with them on-board. That guy can one-shot each guy from the other team and can win the game.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 9 Photo

Junkrat is strong in defence due to his agile motion and that he can clear the frontline with his barrage of bombs. Also, he can easily shut down the frontline by breaking all the shields and the barriers.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 10 Photo

Brigitte is not exactly a healer but she is like an off-tank which supports the frontline and also provide armour to other players. Also, she synergises with the shield-carrying players quite greatly. Also, she can be offensive at many times by switching on to stunning enemies. Hence, it is no wonder that she is in the top numbers of our Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 11 Photo

Though many nerfs were up related to her, she still can heal the players with just one button-press. Hence, many players count her up in the upper tiers. Moreover, her Ultimate ability to survive with the ability to keep teammates high on health. This will keep her around for quite a while.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 12 Photo

Zenyatta is a strong counter character for a strong player in the opposing meta. He s also a great pick for the Dive Composition. His Healing Orbs and Discord is the best part of his which helps the other players to be topped up. He can also nullify the damage given by the opposing team.

Tier 3


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 13 Photo

Though Lucio’s weapon projectile is difficult to master, the player who can do it can make him shine with any teammates. His flexibility and ability to make his teammates sustainable in the battlefield make him quite a good pick in a team. Since there are stronger supports like Ana and Zenyatta, that’s why he lies in Tier 3 of our Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 14 Photo

Genji has the main ability to throw shurikens and put down the enemies. But that can be hard for him to do if the opponents are with shields or armour. Such meta can take him down ins seconds. But this is not the thing which stops you from winning. If you can use his mobility with his ability, then no Tier List matters. You can put him one tier above if you want because it is you who will decide if he is a good one or not.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 15 Photo

The key points related to Pharah are her mobility and the damage she deals with her bursts to the opponents. If you pair her with Mercy, then he can clean the whole opponent army. But if the high tiered characters are in the opponent team, then maybe she is not that effective. That’s why she is placed in the mid tiers.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 16 Photo

The main point in McCree’s character is his point and click style. If you time his Flashbang grenade ability perfectly with his gunshots then he will be a good pick for your team. He can change the game if used correctly. But if not, then consider him as just a normal average character in the game. Though in close-encounters, he can be quite useful.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 17 Photo

Tracer is more or less like Genji. She can take out the backline quite easily. Tracer can also lower down the health bars of the Tanks if used correctly. If you’re not good at using her, then don’t use her as that will only cause nuisance in the match.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 18 Photo

Widowmaker functions correctly if you use her with some teamwork. If you use her solo, then that will be in vain. She can be out from a combat very quick when she is engrossed in a battle and an aggressive player attacks her.

Tier 4


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 19 Photo

Mei can be annoying for the opposing team due to her CC abilities. Also, her ability to summon an ice barrier(a huge one) is quite irritating though. If you are playing with random players, then it is of less use. But if you play with your organised team, then you can make a good use of her in a strategic way.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 20 Photo

He used to be in the tops of the Overwatch Tier List but now he has fallen to the second last tier of our Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December. It is due to the lack of mobility in him. He can’t match the mobility of the current characters in-game.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 21 Photo

His DPS is quite strong in the game. He is a good all-rounder for a team due to his Sprint ability and the group heal ability. The group heal ability of his can turn the tables. But since we have better DPS characters in various aspects, that’s why he is so low in the Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 22 Photo

Since Orisa was launched, she was wandering around the mid-tiers in the Overwatch Tier List. In Season 8, she was a good character due to her ability to constantly throw shields. But with the coming of Overwatch Season 13 December, she has again gone down in the Overwatch Characters Ranking and Ratings.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 23 Photo

Even though Roadhog was buffed up in the last patch, he is of not that much use in the team. His hook can be fatal many times, but just to rely on that is not enough. Also, he is just used because of his bullet reflecting capability in the game.

Tier 5


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 24 Photo

Bastion has been at the bottom of the Overwatch Tier Lists. He was glorified when the beta was iut but with too many nerfs he went down and down on the Overwatch Tier List. Although, he was buffed after his launch but that wasn’t of that much effect. He’s a good defence in some niche situations only, otherwise he is easily countered and taken down.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 25 Photo

Although, Torbjorn is better than before but not upto the mark. Hence he is low pered in our Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December. This is because of his kit beingg too linear. Also, there are betterbpicks in terms of defence. Though he is the favourite of many, as of now, too.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 26 Photo

Well, the abilities of Sombra depend on the player. It dependa how well the player handles her. It is difficult to say if she is under or overpowered. But since she is kind of a situational character l, hence we placed her in the low tiers of our Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December.


Overwatch Tier List Season 13 December 27 Photo

Well, if you take look on Symmetra’s kit, you will thing she is a strong one to play with. But that’s not the case. She doesn’t have that much of an impact in a competitive play. Symmetra is another situational character. But if she is buffed a little, she can do some impact on the opposing team, provided a good player is handling her.