Overwatch Widowmaker Skin Halloween Edition Leaked


Overwatch has been releasing new Halloween skins on the occasion of Halloween week, but it looks like one of the unreleased skins got leaked. It is none other than Overwatch Widowmaker skin Halloween edition. Widomaker skin leaked skin looks like a spider attire.

New Overwatch Widowmaker Skin Halloween Leaked

Leaked Overwatch Widomaker Halloween skin looks a lot like widow’s tradition skin cover with spidey’s web. Her upper outfit is much darker and less shiny than usual skin and her rifle is making it look great in highlight intros.

New Overwatch Widowmaker Skin Halloween was discovered in a video posted on the Xbox Facebook page. Currently, Overwatch hasn’t made any official announcement regarding the Widowmaker Halloween Skin.

It is currently behind the curtains if the skin will be epic or legendary, but fans in Overwatch community are betting for it to be of Epic category.

Overwatch Halloween terror event starts on 9th October and will live throughout the whole month. So, far Overwatch has revealed new Halloween skin for Moira and Doomfist.