Players have discovered some bugs in Pokemon Go 0.143.0 update

Pokemon Go 0.143.0 update

Niantic Games has released Pokemon Go 0.143.0 update with some new additions along with little tweaks. But, it looks like players are not happy with the new update as there are some annoying bugs in the game.

Pokemon Go 0.143.0 update

There is no doubt that Pokemon Go is reigning over all AR based mobile game, but bugs have always been a problem with the game. Players have also found some bugs in Pokemon Go 0.143.0 update, and they are spilling out their frustration on the Reddit.

A new Pokemon mobile game has announced

A Reddit user u/AgentSQL has posted an image on Reddit with the caption “0.143.0 bug with powering up Lucky Pokemon”. He is facing problems in powering up his Pokemon. He already has more than 40m stardust, but the power up option is still locked on the menu.

0.143.0 bug with powering up Lucky Pokemon from TheSilphRoad

When another player reported the same bug to Niantic Games, he got a replay which is like this :

“go through troubleshooting steps including making sure you have the latest version”.  But, the game user’s game is already up to date with version 0.143.0

Pokemon Go 0.143.0 update

Another Reddit user posted a short video of a visual bug found in the latest video.

Visual bug when you click on gyms in 0.143.0 from TheSilphRoad

Moreover, some players are also getting an All your pokemon have fainted” message at the end of a gym battle.

Niantic Games hasn’t responded on the latest bugs discovered in Pokemon Go 0.1430. update.


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