Players have found new graphics bug in Pokemon Go

bug in pokemon go

It’s not been a long since Niantic released Pokemon Go 0.143.0 update, and players have already found many bugs and glitches in the game. The game has been suffering from bugs, and glitches since release, but no perfect solution has been found yet. Today, a player has found another graphics bug in version 0.143.1 which is bothering many other players.

New graphics bug in Pokemon Go

A Reddit user u/bananagringo posted images of visually glitched Squirtle with a caption ” Egg hatched when I was looking at a Squirtle.”

bug in pokemon go

As shown in the image, when the player saw Squirtle, new bug shows him hatched egg below the Pokemon. Many players are making fun of this bug, and many are frustrated on Niantic games.
Another Reddit user u/WhiskeyJack84 posted an image of his Pokemon stuck after a fast catch.
bug in pokemon go

So these are the new bugs found in Pokemon Go. I hope that Niantic will take account of all these bugs in their next update.


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