PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground New Rank System, How does it work ?

PlayerUnknown's Battle Ground Rank System

PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground Update has brought the all-new ranking system to the game. Its whole features can be read from these Update 22 Patch Notes. For getting started with Rank Play one has to initially play 10 placement matches. The players will lose and gain points on the basis of their performance. On the basis on those points, the rank will be earned in the game.

The rank-based play has been divided into 8 categories. The players will be able to move up and down basis on the rank gained through points.

PlayerUnknown's Battle Ground New Ranking System

The new ranking system of the game will begin from Bronze and climbing up to the ladder to Grandmaster. The categories into which it has been broken down have been mentioned below.

PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground New Rank System

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Elite
  • Master
  • Grand Master

PUBG fans and players were waiting for this ranking system from quite a long time. PUBG Corporation believes that Ranked Play will impart greater levels of competition among the players, as they will have to work hard to get up the ladder by gaining more points and with better performance.

PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground New Rank System

The new PUBG update has also brought back the map selections, which allow players to choose where they want action to take place. Also, a quick join button has been provided which will throw players irrespective of terrain and just through them to the available match location.