Plus Minus Review- Bhuvan Bam & Divya Dutta Weave Magic


Some train journeys are meant to last forever, some train journeys change the way we look at life. This is the basic crux of Bhuvan Bam and Divya Dutta’s short film “Plus Minus”. After crossing 10 million followers on Youtube, Bhuvan Bam has made his acting debut with Plus Minus and we as the audience are so glad, he did.

With elements of comedy, surprise, shock, powerful performance and a gripping storyline, Plus Minus will keep its audience hooked to their screens. This film has been Directed by Jyoti Kapur Das, who had fame for ‘Chutney’in her list. Plus Minus marks the first short film under the BB Ki Vines Production. Bhuvan Bam and Divya Dutta starrer Plus Minus have crossed 5 million views.

Plus Minus Review –

Divya enters the train compartment with a baggage of worries and problems in her married life, there she meets a young soldier (Bhuvan Bam), after a little chit chat she shares her marital life issues with him, he listens to her and in return changes her outlook towards life and relationships. He asks her to think about the journey of her marriage and note down all the positive and negative points about her husband, after thinking during the whole train journey, finally when she sits to jot down the points she finds nothing negative to write about.

Gripping the attention of the audience right from the very beginning, Bhuvan in the short film highlights that every human has plus and minus qualities in them. Every negative quality of a person that might bother us also has a positive quality that we might overlook.

Having a light-hearted story with a supernatural element is quite an interesting cocktail and makes good for viewing. It’s also good that the supernatural film doesn’t have blood and gore, two things almost always connected with the horror genre.

Along with 10 million followers on YouTube, Bhuvan Bam has also showcased his singing talent in songs like sang hoon tere, Rahguzar, Teri meri kahani and safar. The audience can’t wait to watch what the star has in store for his fans next.

Plus Minus
Lost in her own world but rebellious.