PM Selfie Waali is an ongoing series of the renowned streaming platform ALTBalaji. Series is directed by Ashima Chibber, and the cast includes Nityaami Shirke, Anjali Sivaraman, Paras Zutshi, Beena Banerjee, Ramakant Dayama, Pranay Pachauri and Shaan Grover. The series till now has served three episodes which portray the sudden twist in the life of a random girl who is a fashion blogger, born and brought up in New York. Her first ever visit to India turns into a crazy adventure when she gets kidnapped and to her astonishment gets to know she was supposed to be the Prime Minister of the most important democracy in the world. The show further expands showing what happens when she is being given great responsibilities on her shoulder to lead her country to greatness.

PM Selfie Waali
What is ‘PM Selfie Waali’ About?

The series commences showing a ruling party is accused of corruption and losing popularity among the voters, but the leader suddenly gets an idea to nominate her granddaughter as a representative of their party to be elected as the next president of the country out of over a billion population. Tanya, the going to be PM of the country is clueless about the head n tail of politics. By-elections are announced, and she is set to contest the elections from their region (Sumerpur), and her campaigning begins on a disastrous note. No idea about the elects but she ends up organizing a fashion show in the village making them earn some handsome bucks by showcasing their traditional jewelry. As she decides to leave the country, after knowing that people don’t like her and when she reaches an airport, she soon realizes that she has won the election and its time to take the oath. Oath taking ceremony commences, and she takes it in her way. As soon as she takes office, a slew of issues awaits the PM’s immediate attention. Peace talks with neighboring countries, South Asia Summit, Terrorism and yeah the wrath of the opposition are just a few issues of national importance; she comes up with a crazy and a controversial request of going to central jail and meeting the terrorist. It doesn’t end here, meeting the terrorist she compliments his look for being similar to Shahrukh Khan, and she also asks him, ‘If he promises her not to engage in further terrorist activities, she may send him back to his own country.’

Why is ‘PM Selfie Waali’ a Lame show?

This is something new that ALTBalaji has come up with, but it isn’t excellent or praiseworthy. The genre is nice, but this seemed entirely unrelatable and impractical to me. There is no shortage of the political comedy in India but yeah there are a handful of movies with the same genre and gives pretty good thoughts about the future of politics in a comical way. Though this is what the true face of Indian Politics is which no one would like to revive as it doesn’t do good for the country and neither has done so far. An impractical approach the genre of political comedy.

PM Selfie Waali

Why is ‘PM Selfie Waali’ LIL fine?

A nice concept though as I mentioned it’s a new addition to ALTBalajis’ concept but could have been far better. The genre is nice as political comedies are very much in vogue as GIF’s, Memes and jokes are dripping on the social media screens, so one more piece to add for the lovers of the same. Good act by the cast and Nityaami being the lead does really good.


PM Selfie Waali


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