Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working properly Android & iOS


Pokemon Go is one of the most popular mobile games currently on the market. Niantic has always been pretty good with updates for the game and bug fixes. However, with the Adventure Sync V2 new code, many of the users are facing the problem of Adventure Sync not working properly.

According to a Reddit user “brooksdbrewer”, the Adventure sync feature has been broken for quite some time. The issue has nothing to do with iOS or Android; this bug is from the Niantic end. Previously this issue was bugging iOS users with an iOS update 12.3 betas or 12.4 betas, but now it is also affecting some Android users.

Pokemon Go Adventure Sync

The bug is coming from the Niantic end, as many of the users running on the same software update are encountering this issue. There are many recommendations from various users to “downgrade to iOS 12.2.”

For those who, if it works, it is a good thing, and you are on the lucky side. For users who have not been able to downgrade to 12.2 the reason is that Apple is not allowing the signing to 12.2 software after the release of 12.3.

One thing players can do is submit a bug report to Niantic such that they can address the issue at the earliest and release an update to fix out this bug.

Adventure Sync and Known Issues from r/TheSilphRoad




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