Pokemon Go Bug Out Event Announced, Bonuses & Details

Pokemon Go

Niantic has announced another event for the Pokemon Go game and the upcoming event is coming in the month of April.

Pokemon Go Bug Out Event

The Pokemon Go Bug Out Event will begin on April 2nd and will end on April 9th, 2019.

During this event Bug Type, Pokemon will spawn more frequently than usual.

The event also accompanies a variety of bonuses and the list of bonuses which will be offered during this event has been mentioned below.

1) Spawning rate of Bug Type Pokemon will increase.
2) Incense will last two times the normal duration.
3) More Pokemon will spawn using incense.

Using incense can be helpful for people living in far fledged areas, as its use will increase the spawning of Pokemon.

Pokemon Go

The strongest Bug-type Pokemon you can catch are Scizor, Heracross, and Pinsir. The problem with Bug Types is that they are good in attack but weak in defense.