Pokemon Go Equinox Event Leaked, Leafeon coming to the game


Niantic has not yet made it official, but another Pokemon Go event has been leaked out by data miners and a credible source. The sources claim that there will be a Pokemon Go Equinox Event.

Pokemon Go Equinox Event will be celebrated to mark the start of the first day of spring. A week-long event will be held for this.

Pokemon Go Equinox

Upcoming leaks suggest that Pokemon Go Equinox Event will start on March 19th, 1 pm PDT (8 pm GMT) and will end on March 26th, 1 pm PDT (8 pm GMT).

Bonuses & Leafeon

The list of bonuses has not yet been leaked for the game. But as usual, we may find an increase in Stardust, increased XP, and shorter egg hatching distances.

It has been rumored that the Gen 4 Eevee evolution Leafeon and Glaceon will also be released during this Pokemon Go Equinox Event.

Pokemon Go Equinox

We might also see a higher spawning rate of grass type Pokemon during this event.

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