Pokemon Go Friendship Event Release Date, Time, Bonus And More

Pokemon Go Friendship Event

The frequency of new Pokemon Go events is increasing day by day. Niantic has announced the latest Pokemon Go mini-event called as Pokemon Go friendship event.

Pokemon Go Friendship Event

Pokemon Go Friendship Event

Pokemon Go friendship event is overlapping with the ongoing Pokemon Go Lunar Year event and Shiny Meltan mini-event. The Lunar year event is offering an increased chance of getting lucky Pokemon while trading. The Friendship event offers the following bonus:

  • Friendship increases twice as fast
  • Twice the candy received for each trade
  • Trades require only half the usual amount of Stardust

Friendship will grow at twice the rate during the event. It offers an excellent opportunity to level up as the best friend with other players. Trading will also cut down to half stardust which will help players to trade more. Damage bonus and trading discounts are the primary requirements to increase friendship. Players will also receive double candy for every single trade during the event. So, save the date of the event and start making new friends to increase the friendship level faster than usual.

Pokemon Go Friendship Event Release Date and Time

The event starts today at 9 PM GMT/1PM PST/4 PM EST. It will be live during the entire weekend and will conclude on February,11 9 PM GMT/1PM PST/4 PM EST.


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