Pokemon Go introduces new mysterious Pokemon to the game


Pokemon Go fans in the world are left in awe with the appearance of mysterious new Pokemon.

The previous day, the players around the world have seen a mysterious Pokemon after the conclusion of Pokemon Go’s monthly Community Day event.

The new Pokemon looks like a hexagonal nut and has a formless body similar to Ditto. The inclusion of this Pokemon has come out without any explanation or previous warning, which has left players totally startled

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When the players tried to catch this new mysterious Pokemon it got converted into Ditto

Fans have also started creating theories surrounding this Pokemon, some players believe that this Pokemon is actually Kecleon, which has not been added to Pokemon Go yet.

As the Pokemon’s eye looks alike to Kecleon’s, as per its image assets and its cry is also similar to Kecleon

Some people believe that this Pokemon will be added in the upcoming Pokemon: Let’s Go games, The Pokemon Company has confirmed that players will get new Pokemon in the Pokemon: Let’s Go.

This new Pokemon can be unlocked by sending a gift for Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go introduces new mysterious Pokemon

Pokemon Go introduces new mysterious Pokemon