Pokemon Go: Pokémonets are cheaper on Galaxy Store than Play Store

Pokemon Go: Pokémonets

In February, Niantic Games had announced their partnership with South Korean Giant, Samsung. As a result of this partnership, Niantic Games made Pokemon Go available to download on Galaxy Store a few days ago. Harry Potter Wizards Unite and Ingress Prime are also on their way to the Galaxy Store.

Pokemon Go: Pokémonets

The advantage of this collaboration is less cost of Pokémonets in the game. But, players will enjoy this benefit when they will install the game from the Galaxy App Store instead of the Play Store.

The Pokémonets are the currency of the Pokemon Go which allows players to buy a series of tools, objects, expansions and many useful things. You can see the difference between the cost of the Pokémonets in the image given below:

Pokemon Go
credits: u/RioHammer


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